Welcome to Association of Hypnosis Professionals (Singapore)

Our Story

AHPS Founding President Fauziah Shah, a practicing hypnotherapist since early 2004, had for many years been thinking of setting up a hypnosis association in Singapore to represent all hypnotherapists and to set a direction for them and work towards helping the industry grow.

This started to take shape in March 2014 when Fauziah decided to take the first step of inviting all practicing hypnotherapists for a meeting to discuss the setting up of this organization. A number of meetings were held to review the constitution that Fauziah had prepared and to modify and to refine it.

Then Fauziah took the next step of inviting hypnotherapists who were keen to play an important role to send in their interest and how they intend to help via email. Meetings were held with those who responded and the finer details of the Constitution and the Code of Ethics were discussed.

Finally a team of Executive Members were formed and an application was made to the Registry of Societies which bore fruit on September 15th 2015 when the Association of Hypnosis Professionals (Singapore) was approved as a society by the appropriate government body.  A new chapter in the history of hypnosis in Singapore began.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to create an awareness of the practice of safe and ethical hypnosis amongst the general public and to aim for excellence and professionalism in members through continued education, research and practice.

The Vision of AHPS is to steadily increase the membership of hypnotherapists registered with AHPS and to be the voice of professional hypnosis that interfaces with other professional organizations.

AHPS also aims to inform the public about the benefits and risks if any of hypnosis so that the public can make an informed decision when it comes to making choices to seek intervention.

APHS aims to establish ties with hypnosis associations and other organizations in the region and around the world for the purpose of enhancing the image and professionalism of its members through co-operation and collaboration.

The AHPS looks forward to taking a leading role in uniting all the practicing hypnotherapists in Singapore and to creating avenues for the presentation of new experimental studies using hypnosis for the furtherance of hypnotherapy.

The aim is to work towards having a regular conference that will provide an avenue for enthusiastic hypnosis practitioners to present their latest studies or experimentation that will add to the literature that is currently available.

The long term vision of AHPS is to come up with a curriculum and training program that will be recognized by departments in professional schools like medicine, dentistry, psychology and social work.

Integral Values of AHPS

  • Ethical Practice
  • Professionalism
  • Result Oriented
  • Competent Practice
  • Teaching and Life-long Learning
  • Support of Evidence-based Practice


Association’s Goal

The use of hypnosis now and in the future to move people towards health and wellness and to work hand in hand with other health care professionals

Executive Committee Members

Fauziah Shah_PresidentPRESIDENT

Fauziah Shah, MA, BCH, CI, CPHI

Jerry Tan_Vice PresidentVICE PRESIDENT

Jerry Tan, BSW, CH, LAPHP


Hamidah Hashim

Alfred Tan_Assistant Honarary Secretary


Alfred Tan, MBA, ACTA, CH


Mohsain Badron


Aidi Lahab



Mohit Mohan


Johnny Lee


Chandra Mohan