• The Association shall forge ties with other established health care professionals so that our hypnosis industry can be recognized across all professional bodies.
  • AHPS membership shall be made open to other health care professionals so that more collaboration across fields can be made in the long run.
  • AHPS has a professional website where there will be a member log in site for members to download relevant information that will be beneficial for enhancing the skills of hypnotists.
  • AHPS shall, with the co-operation of all hypnotherapists, publish bi-annual or quarterly newsletters to keep members updated.
  • The Association plans to hold regular events to publicize the practice of hypnosis so that the general public becomes more aware of how using hypnosis can help them achieve their goals.
  • AHPS also intends to organize activities that are geared towards increasing the competence and expertise of member hypnotists.
  • Plans are underway to secure professional liability for our members.
  • AHPS intends to forge ties with other hypnotherapy associations in the region and also globally so that our hypnotists in Singapore can gain recognition even when they go overseas.
  • We have continuing education hours that are required for renewal of membership, thus enhancing the professional status of our members.
  • AHPS has plans to create an online store which will make it easy for our members to purchase useful hypnosis materials at a special rate.
  • Members will be entitled to attend our free talks and seminars and pay a discounted rate for other seminars or workshops.
  • AHPS members will have access (reading time) to our library of books related to hypnosis. There will be a couple of days and times allotted for this purpose.
  • All new members will receive a membership kit comprising of the following:
    1. Constitution
    2. Code of Ethics
    3. Membership card
    4. Membership booklet with information pertaining to hypnosis and tips for practitioners