The categories of AHPS membership are as follows:

  1. Fellows
  2. Full Members
  3. Associate Members
  4. Affiliate Members
  5. Corporate Members


Fellows are those who

  • are well-established in their practice, and
  • have made substantial original contribution to the advancement of hypnotherapeutic knowledge or practice, and
  • shall either be proposed by Fellows of overseas hypnotherapy associations or by the Executive Committee of AHPS, and
  • are conferred lifetime membership by the Executive Committee at its discretion, and
  • shall not pay a subscription fee but shall enjoy all other privileges of membership, including the right to vote.


Full Members are those who

  • meet the standard membership requirements of the Association and,
  • are allowed to practice hypnotherapy by their certifying bodies;
  • pay membership fee in full.
  • Membership Fee :  For new members S$ 120 for 1 year,  S$ 210 for 2 years, S$300 for 3 years.
  • Renewal fee: 1 year = S$ 100, 2 years = S$ 190, 3 years =  S$ 280

Corporate Members are open to

  • any corporation or business entity registered or carrying on a business in Singapore and are interested in supporting the efforts of the Association and/ or interested to be its Patron.
  • other associations or organizations that wish to establish ties with AHPS.
  • The membership fee is S$360.00 for one year membership during which period, the Corporate Member can enjoy the following benefits:
  • Allow up to 2 members to attend each AHPS seminar or event;
  • AHPS can provide  free in-house seminars/ talks upon availability.

Affiliate member category serves the interests of:

  • individuals who have an interest in hypnosis and hypnotherapy as defined in the Aims and Objects of our Constitution but who may not have formal training in hypnosis;
  • professionals in other helping professions or other individuals who would like to be affiliated with the Association for the purpose of fostering intra-disciplinary co-operation.
  • The membership fee is S$90.00 per year.

Associate Members are those who meet one of the following categories:

  • do not meet the standard membership requirements, and/ or
  • are not yet deemed fit to practice hypnotherapy by their certifying bodies.
  • pay a membership fee of S$90 per year.