1. Maintain a Registry of qualified hypnotherapy member practitioners and trainers in Singapore;
  2. Handle complaints by the public on unethical practices by members and determine internal action to be taken in such an event;
  3. Handle internal disputes between members for the purpose of an amicable settlement;
  4. Co-ordinate volunteer services to charitable organizations and the needy who are unable to afford the fees of practitioners;
  5. Co-ordinate the efforts to alleviate national distress whenever the need arises;
  6. Encourage research and seek grants for research in the use of hypnosis and public education;
  7. Promote the practice of professional hypnosis in Singapore

Most people live a fast paced lifestyle today and this causes them to experience stress, fears and anxiety. This is beyond what earlier generations are used to and many people today are not fully equipped with the knowledge and expertise to handle their life’s challenges.

It is quite common for normal people of average intelligence and more to feel ill when they experience increasing levels of stress. Intermittent economic downturns also contribute to added stress caused by job insecurity, family issues, work related issues, relationship issues and personality clashes.

This is where mental health care professionals come in – from the psychiatrists to the social workers. However, the demand for mental health care today far outweighs the professionals that are available.

The professional hypnotist/ hypnotherapist provides a much needed service in today’s society – with ethical, natural and safe healing techniques to deal with many of society’s emotional and mental health issues.

The hypnotherapy profession is a recession proof career option. People will always need professional therapeutic help – be it during good times, or bad times!

There are internationally recognized professional hypnotherapy certifications that will equip one with the necessary skills to practice hypnotherapy.

Being certified gives you the chance to help others take control of their lives, to join the ranks of respected mental and emotional well-being professionals with an Association to back you up- Association of Hypnosis Professionals (Singapore)

With an internationally recognized Professional Hypnotherapist Certification, you will be on your way to achieving a fulfilling career.